Changing Jobs

WELCOMEManufacturing, like many industries, is experiencing skills shortages.Your work and life experience, and the skills you already possess, are invaluable and highly sought after by employers and industry.


  • Might be changing careers and ‘transfer’ your skills and experience from another industry
  • Could study full time or part time or on the job
  • Can undertake an Australian Apprenticeship (at any age)
  • Will almost certainly receive recognition of your existing skills which can count as credit towards a formal Qualification or Statement of Attainment

So whether you are…

  • Female or male
  • Highly skilled or not
  • Highly qualified or not
  • Young or mature aged

…and you are considering a career change, you are in great demand in Manufacturing.

Haven’t had much opportunity to do much training?

That’s OK. You can enter the Manufacturing Industry at a variety of levels and entry points and there is always scope for further training.

There’s also a new entry level Qualification, Certificate I in Manufacturing (Pathways) soon to be offered. It is designed specifically for those who might not have had access to training, for those entering the workforce for the first time, and those re-entering the workforce. It provides them an entrance pathway into the Manufacturing Industry. It also counts as credit towards higher Qualifications.

For information on Certificate I in Manufacturing (Pathways) contact Manufacturing Skills Australia or call 1800 358 458.

If you are mature aged and looking to change careers, another great place to start is JobWise, a website dedicated to promoting mature aged employment.

MAKE IT! contains information about jobs, careers, training and your potential future in the Manufacturing Industry.

When you’re ready, find new occupation opportunities by INDUSTRY SECTOR or via the SEARCH function.

You can map possible career pathways in Manufacturing, no matter where you are starting from, in PATHWAYS SIMULATOR.
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