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Industry Sectors

There are unlimited opportunities in Manufacturing today to build a career and achieve a challenging and rewarding working life…

This Pathways Simulator allows you to explore any number of possible career pathways through the Manufacturing Industry. Perhaps you are starting out your working life, or maybe you are returning to work or just thinking about a change…

Select a job below that most closely matches your current role, (or one that looks like a possible starting point if you are new to the industry) and the simulation will load in a new window.

It is simple to play – your selected job will appear in the centre, and a number of job possibilities will appear around it. The basic idea is that moving to a new job will require some training. By selecting a job in a different sector, you will have to start ‘lower’ on the ladder than if you progress directly up, or you can jump ‘sideways’ within the same sector.

Build yourself a career and you can click on the ‘current job’ at any time to see details about it. This will launch a new window, which you can close, (or leave open) and continue the simulation. At the end you can print off your ‘career pathway’ and see where you have been.

The simulation remembers your last 10 selections and you can click on any of these to try a different pathway from that point (although you lose the choices you made after this job, so print your current path first if you want to remember where you went).

You can also enter the simulation from any job (see INDUSTRY SECTORS) by clicking the PATHWAYS link in the job.

Happy exploring!

Management and Systems
CEO / General Manager
Accounting and Finance
Human Resources
Industrial Relations
Occupational Health and Safety
Import / Export
Logistics / Transport
Engineering Management
Process Management
Manager of Operations
Product Testing
Quality Assurance
Research and Development
Information Technology

Technology and Innovation
Sampler Tester
Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory Technician
Technical Officer
Senior Technical Officer
Ag Bio
Biomedical Engineer
Nanotech Engineer

Textiles, Clothing and Footwear
Clothing Production Worker
Clothing Patternmaker
Fashion Designer
Footwear Producer
Footwear Patternmaker
Footwear Repairer
Leather Goods Producer
Leather Technologist
Leather Goods Designer
Cotton Ginner
Hide, Skin, Leather Processor
Hide, Skin, Leather Technologist
Wool Processor
Textiles Fabricator
Textiles Producer
Textiles Technician
Textiles Designer
Textiles Mechanic

Fine Trades and Craft
Musical Instrument Maker / Repairer
Optical Mechanic
Watch / Clock Maker

Furnishings and Wood
Furniture Finishing
Soft Furnisher
Wood Machining
Furniture Maker
Cabinet Maker
Furnishings Supervisor
Furniture Designer
Floor Finisher
Glass and Glazing
Interior Decorator / Designer
Bed Maker
Picture Framer

Cast Metals
Cast Metals Fabrication Trades
Engineering Patternmaker
Moulder / Coremaker
Surface Finishing
Product Designer
Computer Aided Design

Light Metals
Light Engineering Fabrication Trades
Surface Finishing
Tool and Die Setter
Sheetmetal Worker (Light Fabrication)
Product Designer
Computer Aided Design

Heavy Machinery and Equipment
Engineering Mechanical Trades
Tool Maker
Maintenance Fitter
Fitter and Machinist
Mechatronics Trade
Mechatronics/Robotics Technician
Mechatronics Engineer
Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Production Worker
Production Supervisor
Production Manager
Production/Plant Engineer
Manufacturing Systems Engineer
Engineering Fabrication Trades
Product Designer
Computer Aided Design

Mineral Products
Production Support
Operator (Non-metallic minerals)
Senior Operator
Mouldmaker (Clay/Concrete)
Process Technician
Plant Technician
Process Plant Technologist
Materials Engineer
Materials Scientist
Minerals Process Engineer

Chemicals, Plastics and Hydrocarbons
CHO Process Plant Operator
CHO Plant Technician
Plastics Production
Rubber Production
Process Manufacturing
Product Designer
Computer Aided Design
Materials Engineer
Materials Scientist
Chemical Engineer
Research Chemist

Electrics and Electronics
Instrument Fitter
Electrical Engineer
Electronics Engineer
Mechatronics/Robotics Technician
Mechatronics Engineer


Aviation Maintenance Worker
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures)
Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME)
Aircraft Maintenance Manager
Aeronautical Engineer
Aerospace Engineer
Aircraft Surface Finishing

Shipwright / Ship Builder / Boat Builder
Mechanical Engineering Tradesperson
Marine Vessel Designer
Naval Architect
Electronics Tradesperson (Marine)
Electronics Technologist
Instrument Fitter
Marine Upholsterer
Marina Worker
Marina Supervisor

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