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Manufacturing Skills Australia welcomes you to our MAKE IT! manufacturing careers website.

This website contains a wealth of information on over 150 jobs available within 13 Manufacturing INDUSTRY SECTORS today. It is suited to anyone interested in Manufacturing careers, and includes handy RESOURCES such as the MSA Manufacturing Careers InfoSheets, as well as links to many other websites.

MAKE IT! caters to seven main groups:

STARTING OUT is for young people considering their future career
CHANGING JOBS is for those who might be looking at a career change
RETURN TO WORK is for those returning to the workforce, young or old
CAREER ADVISERS is for career professionals and counsellors
PARENTS is for parents and carers guiding career choices for young people
EMPLOYERS is for Manufacturing Industry employers
RTO'S & TRAINERS is for training organisations and individuals

Click on the group at the top that most closely matches your situation and enjoy!

You can also find out about the QUALIFICATIONS that are applicable to the different jobs. A SEARCH function will help you find job or qualification information quickly. Play the PATHWAYS SIMULATOR to see what potential career pathways you might follow.

Pathways Simulator
The Pathways Simulator

zooM features streaming video snapshots of Manufacturing careers. Look for the logos!
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